You are a media oder film professional or interested in film direction and production? You would like to realize a clip about your experiences, your feelings, your discoveries in Germany? But you don’t know where or how to edit it? Or you can’t handle a camera? Or you need professional advice?

Here you go!

We provide:

  • The assistance of German media professionals to realize your project: Directors, editors, camera professionals, production and broadcasting companies. As long as we find volunteers.
  • Help to get there and a place to stay (for maximum 3 days), if your project can be realized.

We need:

  • Your personal information and address
  • Your media skill profile
  • A short description of the short film you would like to realize. I should not be longer than 3 minutes. You should be able to realize it within three days with assistance.
  • A list of the equipment/ assistance/ infrastructure you need.

Your short film will be published on:

  • Youtube
  • WDR 4 you and
  • DW online

Write or call us:

030/ 4403 169 0

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